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  Week of 11/7/2013 - Featured Blog Post

Is SparkPeople Full of Useless Information?

My weight is stuck.

It has been for a couple of weeks, and unless there is a miracle I won't meet my next goal.

However, I'm not disheartened, and it doesn't worry me in the least. To set the goal - all I had to do was choose a date on the calender and type it in, I didn't have to carve it in stone - so if the date passes, or I change it - so what?

I'm not losing. But I am seeing changes. I'm seeing so many changes that I can hardly keep up with them - and that's so exciting. It's especially exciting because I found this site that is full of useless information!

Yes, all the information is TOTALLY USELESS.............. unless YOU put it into practice!

Step 1 - JOIN UP

Don't think you can do it on your own. Don't be so ashamed of your state that you try to keep it secret. YOU WON'T SUCCEED, the information gleaned will be useless because you aren't allowing yourself to be in the least bit accountable. Make yourself reachable by at least having a page that people can see. The chances of being recognized 'for real' are minimal if you are really scared.

Step 2 - JOIN IN

Why? Because suddenly - all the encouragement and motivation will start flooding to your 'door', Because suddenly people will start pointing you to the best way to navigate the site and you will find the information you need.


Yes, start to pass encouragement back to those that gave it to you -and others that you meet on the journey. It's at this point that you realize it's all beginning to make sense. THIS is when you start to see things happening - and you begin to realize that you are glad you joined a site with such a lot of useless information.

You see, all information is useless until we make it USEFUL! I was prompted to write this today because within the last 24 hours I have encountered a number of questions and queries from people who want to remain anonymous. How CAN we help? With great difficulty.

Anyway - to return to my 'stuck' weight. Why aren't I disheartened? Well, it's happened before, and I wrote about it on my blog. I re-read it again today and I was reminded that although my weight didn't change - my measurements did! Sure enough, when I got out that 'trusty' tape measure I could see again that things are happening. So that brings me rather nicely to ......


Don't do it for everyone else, don't do it because you have always wanted to write a book, don't do it just because everyone else does.......

DO IT BECAUSE IT'S ALL IN ONE PLACE, AND YOU CAN FOLLOW YOUR PROGRESS. You will be amazed at how far you travel along the road if you do this simple thing.

I'm so glad I joined this site with all this useless information! I'm off to read some more now.

We all know where we are heading....... Onwards and Upwards!

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