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  Week of 10/24/2013 - Featured Board Post

A Bit of Inspiration For Your Day

I want to post this as encouragement to others. I just started running last year and was lucky if I could hit a mile in 14 or 15 minutes. For the first three months, I felt like I would die and absolutely hated it. I'm short and muscular. Weight and power are my forte. I'm definitely Type II muscle fiber dominant. However, I also have been a long-distance cyclist for 10 years, so I thought I could run if I worked at it. So I plugged away. I went from near death experience to I can survive this. And I kept running. It took about 6 months for me to be convinced I could do it.

As I got better, I decided to put myself to the test and entered my first 5k in the spring. It was quite the learning experience and I literally stopped short of the finish line out of confusion (thought the 3-mile clock was the end and started walking the .2) This was only my third 5k. The last one, I landed in first place. It helps that I'm in the 50-54 category so the ranks start thinning out a bit.

If you would have told me I would be able to take up running at 50, get past my early struggles and now be winning races, I would tell you that you were delusional.

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