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  Week of 10/3/2013 - Featured Blog Post

How Do You Create a New Normal?

As I've noted elsewhere, this is my crunch time - lots of things going on at work, many demands on my "free time", and not enough hours in the day.

So this is just a brief reflection (for me!) on how the practice I put in this summer with regard to planning and having a strategy for non-optimal eating and exercise patterns during travel is helping me at this time of the year, too. The freezer has my homemade breakfast bars and muffins; they're already portioned and ready to go after a few seconds in the microwave. Those are better for me than a bagel, and far more satisfying than a breakfast shake, and WAY better than a fast food breakfast, or skipping breakfast entirely. And I've been diligent about packing up leftovers for lunches, properly portioning as I go. This is much better than trying to find lunch at a cafes or food cart (where I have no idea what calories I'm ingesting, or what a healthy portion is)...or again, skipping lunch entirely.

I can do better on dinners - I arrive home and I'm ravenous and tired, and it usually falls to me to rig up a dinner from what we have on hand. I really need to prepare things on the weekend with an eye toward tossing things together on weeknights, but haven't yet had time to do even that. So we're eating a lot of pasta and stir fries, and I'm gradually cleaning out the "easy food" stash in the freezer. Ah well, that could be better - but it could be so much worse, too.

Crunch time usually lasts a month, but since next month is thick with travel, this isn't going to get easier: the challenges will simply change.

Which brings me to the point of this reflection: I generally dislike the phrase "the new normal", but at its core, that's what this is. If I'm to get to a point where I'm simply eating like the fit person I aspire to be, I need to build those habits until they are normal, though they are new.

And I can do that.

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