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  Week of 4/9/2009 - Featured Board Post

Starting a New Routine is Not a Chore

Sometimes in life (especially when it comes to working out and eating healthy) it's just about getting started. I know this because that has always been the definitive aspect of my achievements - getting started!

You may think (like I did for so many years) that your goals to lose weight and maintain healthy eating habits are far beyond your reach or capabilities, but you are WRONG!

You simply have to get started, and once you form a routine relative to your workouts and diet, you will begin to simply assume your routine as part of your weekly responsibilities. You don't have to lift 1000 pounds a day, but you probably should lift SOMETHING, especially if you have any type of weight lose goals in mind.

What you need to remember about working out is that it's not how hard you work out at one time, or how much you lift, it's about maintaining consistency relative to your personal fitness agenda. It may not be convenient for you to go to the gym EVERY single day, though staying active on your days off from the gym will usher in the results your working towards even faster.

The most important thing you can remember is that all of your fitness goals and strategies are at the mercy of your own personal mindset; if you are able to wrap your mind around every workout before you even do it you will find that the results you are seeking from the investment you are making into a healthy lifestyle will become much more easily and quickly accessible to you as you continue to maintain your consistency and commitment to your health and well-being.

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