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  Week of 8/22/2013 - Featured Blog Post

When You Don't Want to Lose

You may have read that title and thought "how could someone overweight NOT want to lose"? Here is the reality. Ask most obese and very overweight people if they want to lose weight and they will quickly answer "yes". Often what they are saying "yes" to is BEING THINNER - the "result" of losing weight. If you take the phrase "losing weight" and expound the process some will begin to have glazed eyes and their attention will wane.

WHY? The why is that they desire the result but don't want to do the "work" required to experience it. Okay let's face facts. There is no secret to weight loss. It requires EFFORT. We all know WHAT is required it's putting it into action in our lives in a consistent manner that will carry us to that destination.

I can't tell you over the decades of being obese how many times I THOUGHT I wanted to lose weight. Oh, I always wanted to be SLIM but to actually do the work? I bought diet books, went to diet doctors, tried various commercial diet programs, drank meal replacements, participated in group weight loss studies, signed up for various online diet programs and even tried the reward system (big tangible rewards). Why didn't they work?

I was not ready to commit to the work needed to achieve the results. I had to let my health become "critical" to roll up my sleeves and just "do it".

My goal in writing this is twofold: First I hope you will examine your own thoughts about this question. Are you committed to do the WORK required to achieve the result? Secondly, I hope someone will be inspired to get busy and not WAIT until their health becomes an issue.

So do you want to lose weight? What steps will you take today toward that goal? NOBODY can do it for you. It has to be a conscious act of will. You CAN do it.

Can is having the ABILITY. You CAN change your nutrition. You CAN change your activity. Even a person in a wheelchair CAN get cardio through upper arm movements done above the level of the heart. You CAN read articles about health, nutrition, fitness. You CAN reach out and ask for help from your doctor, family, friends and people here on this website! There are countless teams here on SparkPeople with thousands of people willing to give you a hand...

but YOU must make that step. Are you ready?

Meet you at the destination!

Press On!

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