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  Week of 7/25/2013 - Featured Blog Post

It Was the Moment I Said Aha! Or Was It Duh?

There comes a point on the journey when you realize things and you just have to say...DUH!!! That moment happened to me last night.

My daughter baked a cake last night. When it came out of the oven, I began tracking what a piece of cake would be. As I looked at the calories (I was still in range) I started thinking about whether it was worth it or not.

I thought about the kind of cake and although it would have been tasty, it was one of the kinds that I wouldn't really choose myself. Even the frosting was one that I don't really care for. Normally, I would just eat it because it is CAKE after all. I wouldn't give it any thought.

After several minutes of thinking I had an aha moment. I began thinking how if I skip the cake, that didn't mean that I would never have cake again. It simply meant that I wasn't going to have some right then. It meant that I would rather not waste the calories on something that I didn't absolutely love. I realized that I could have a quick protein shake and that would satisfy my hunger and my sweet tooth at the same time.

This got me to thinking how I can make that kind of decision all the time. That is part of taking back the power that food has held over me for so long.

Today I made those same kinds of decisions. I decided to have a healthy sandwich with cucumbers and watermelon on the side instead of a pretzel hotdog.

Now don't get me wrong, I am going to have pizza for dinner but I have it planned and I am going to have it without the guilt. I am going to have it with a salad and fruit on the side.

This is what living a healthy lifestyle is about. It is not deprivation or dieting. It is not rules and regulations. It is freedom to eat in moderation. It is freedom to eat meat or not eat meat. It is freedom to have cake or not have cake. I don't feel deprived. I feel empowered!

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