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  Week of 3/26/2009 - Featured Board Post

My Allies

This morning, my daughter and I were running late and had to "run" to the bus stop...uphill. I was feeling pretty proud of myself at how well I was doing when my daughter yelled out, "My legs are killing me!"

Tonight, I was on my Gazelle and watching TV. I looked down at the computer tracker to see how long I had been working out and noticed that my speed was above 5 miles per hour. I kept checking it every so often and it was usually between 5.2 and 5.6 mph. I was shocked...when I first started using the Gazelle regularly I usually worked out at 3.8-4.4 mph. I was feeling pretty good.

Then the new Alli commercial came on (the one with Wynonna) and she said, "I'm doing it right this time". I shook my head no then held up my hands in victory and said, "I'm doing it right this time!"

Thank you SP and my SP friends for being my allies!

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