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  Week of 4/18/2013 - Featured Blog Post

Things to do When You Find Yourself on a Plateau

Be a tourist. Do touristy things.

1. Check the details of your itinerary. For this journey, be sure your goals, your fitness activity levels and tracking information, food tracking, water consumption, sleep, stress management, are right on time. They are like stamps on your passport for the next train on the next leg of your journey. All of those stamps need to be collected and in order before Customs will let you continue traveling.

2. Take time to get used to your surroundings. Anytime you go on vacation, jet lag takes over until you get used to the newness of the place. So observe the new landscape that is YOU. Take some measurements. Go window shopping and catch sight of that new person in the reflection in the windows and mirrors. The last two weeks, I have been catching myself in the window or mirror, I look again, and actually smile at myself and say, "Hi!" or "Hey, how ya doin?" or "Wow!! Lookin good!"

3. Go shopping for yourself--not to buy anything--but to learn what you like now and what you don't, to learn what fits and what doesn't, to learn what styles look good on you and what styles don't. For me, as I packed up boxes of clothes for the women's shelter, and started shopping for a couple of shirts to wear with pants that still fit me, I learned that the boxy shirts and crew neck t-shirts should now be replaced by fitted shirts and v-neck t-shirts with sleeves that fit. AND I learned that I could find those things that actually fit. In fact I found several things that fit in a range of sizes. I learned I needed to buy for the immediate journey ahead, not for the winter season 9 months away. Who could predict the landscape then?? Certainly not me. That is uncharted territory!!

4. Collect Souvenirs of your visit. Hand the camera over to another traveler on your journey to get snapshots for your scrapbook page "A Day in My Life on the Plateau" Then create the scrapbook page, or even a Travel Poster with the next plateau off in the distance. You might be close enough to goal so that you even see the Maintenance Station in the hazy distance. But it might also be just another plateau on the journey.

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