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  Week of 3/7/2013 - Featured Blog Post

Three Months Have Really Changed Me

3 months ago today I joined SparkPeople. In that time frame I have made a lot of changes. I've lost 6.6 pounds and went from 27.4% body fat to 25.5%. My BMI went from 26.1 to 25.1, 0.1 short of being at a healthy weight and no longer overweight. I joined SparkCoach and haven't missed a day. Telling myself I only have to work out 10 minutes a day has completely changed my mindset. My monthly fitness minutes were 822 minutes-Nov 2012, December 2012- 2667 minutes, January 2013 - 4493 minutes. I joined the January Jumpstart Fitness Challenge and The Better Sleep Challenge in January never missing a day.

I discovered that even if I am eating and working out if my sleep is bad that week I have a weight gain. I have made sleep a priority. I bought a Fitbit which really shows how much I am moving and how I am sleeping. In the past 3 months I have logged in to Spark People 85/92 days. I am currently on a 35 day fitness streak. I have never exceeded my daily calorie range. If I want a certain food I plan it in to my day and eat lower calorie meals that day so I can enjoy without guilt. I have met many great people on SparkPeople who motivate me every day. Coach Nicole's videos are amazing and I have all of her DVDs.

The old me would have been frustrated I haven't reached my goal weight yet. But I know I will make it there and be able to maintain due to the support I am getting from SparkPeople.

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