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  Week of 3/19/2009 - Featured Board Post

The Best Feeling in the World

Itís hard to believe Iím finally at this point. Where am I now?

- Iíve lost half the weight I want to lose.
- Iím no longer obese, according to the BMI charts.
- Iíve dropped 5 sizes Ė from a 26 to an 18 (and those are getting baggy!)
- Since January, Iíve lost 13.25 inches from my body.
- Iím hiking ever-increasing longer distances.
- Iím off my BP meds and am no longer considered pre-diabetic.

There are no words for me to explain how wonderful this feels. Itís so much more than a number on the scale. Itís that feeling when I pass by a mirror and I actually look (I always avoided looking before) and Iím thrilled with how I look now. And whatís great is I know it is only going to get better from here.

Iím stronger than I was when I started this journey. Not only physically, but mentally as well. I know that little slip-ups are just thatÖslip ups. They donít need to be the ďend-allĒ I always thought they were. I look at everything with such a different view now. I know that I can set goals and that with determination (not just the willpower I thought I lacked), I can meet them all.

No longer am I on the obsessive hunt for the perfect ďdietĒ that will have me meet my goals in a matter of weeks. Iím learning this is a life change now. Iím making changes for my future, not in some crazy attempt to erase my past.

For the first time in more years than I care to think of, Iím proud of myself and what Iíve accomplished. Thatís made me a better wife, mother (Iím sure the teenagers donít always agree!), grandmother, employee and friend. This is the best feeling in the world!

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