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  Week of 3/12/2009 - Featured Board Post

Ten Hours

I've always been an active person. An active eater, to be specific. I was chubby in high school and in college that morphed to pretty darn chunky. I picked up running but apparently eating a donut every time one returns from a run negates the weight loss effects. My mom got breast cancer my junior year so I came home to help out. This put a stop to my exercising for some time. When I picked it up again I worked harder than ever: two hours of biking, lifting and running every day. The result? Four pounds lost in three months. Depressed? Yes.

I was looking for a way to share workout logs with my friend from college and discovered SparkPeople. I was instantly addicted and on the site for hours every day. I finally understood the "with proper diet" part that trails every weight loss product ad. I'd post a bit, soak up the articles, make up healthy recipes and track my calories like clockwork. My secret obsession, though, was looking at SparkPages (kind of creepy, I know.) I just loved seeing all the different types of people and their motivations, transformations, accomplishments and dedication. Whenever I lost sight of my objectives or laziness threatened, I'd go look at the pages of people who had pushed through their own issues to achieve their goals.

I lost about 25 pounds and many inches in my months of using SparkPeople. It's not as much as some people but it still means a lot to me. I'm joining the Marines, something I wanted to do for quite some time. When I first signed up I was over the maximum weight limit and got some dubious looks from the recruiters. I leave for Basic Training in ten hours and I am the trimmest, fittest person in my ship group. I don't look forward to getting yelled at or anything but, for once, I have complete confidence in my body. I know I will be able to perform whatever is required of me, something I wasn't very sure of a few months ago. So, thank you to the wonderful people who run this site and the amazing people on it who inspired me to push myself each day.

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