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  Week of 11/1/2012 - Featured Board Post

Revelation By Cake

I have always been a sweet-a-holic. If itís sweet, Iíve always wanted itÖ Iíve craved it! Iíve been doing well recently with cutting out sugars from my diet. Iíve stopped drinking sugar in my coffee and tea, Iíve cut out desserts, and most breads, etc.

Unfortunately for me, Iím the birthday party planner for my office. Today is one of the (almost monthly, but seems more like weeklyÖ) birthday parties for one of my co-workers. I looked this morning for nutrition information for the store brand cake to add to my SparkPeople nutrition tracker. I was able to find the cake information online. For 79 grams of cake and icing, I would consume approximately 330 calories. I wasnít able to find sugar information, but I can only assume it is ridiculous as well.

Iím not sure if something has clicked in my brain, or if all of the warnings of diabetes from my doctor have finally sunk in. As much as Iíd love that high of sugar this afternoon, I suddenly remember the crash after the sugar high more vividly than ever. I also remember how the cravings for sugar will become overwhelming again, and Iíll fight for days to get back where I am right this moment.

For the first timeÖ the sugar isnít worth it. Iíll have a cup of hot Pomegranate Pizzazz tea while everyone is enjoying cake and ice cream. After work, Iíll go on my scheduled walk, and Iíll continue to move forwardÖ because my health is work the sacrificeÖ if you can even call it a sacrifice.

(P.S. I will post again this afternoon to help keep me accountable to not sneak a piece!)

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