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  Week of 10/25/2012 - Featured Board Post

The Everyday Success

Over the past 2 weeks there have been several days that I HAVE NOT wanted to work out. To the point of telling myself I would start again tomorrow. Being a long time procrastinator and having experience with other practices, I know breaking momentum is a no-no.

This time I changed my self-talk and told myself all I had to do was burn 100 calories on the elliptical. Easy! The AMAZING thing is that once I get started I donít want to stop. After the 100 calories I went on to do some strength training and wow I feel really good about myself.

I guess what Iím trying to share is not to let yourself break the momentum you have built. Even if you just do something for 10 minutes, THAT IS ENOUGH. Who knows, you may feel so good you keep on going!

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