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  Week of 10/18/2012 - Featured Board Post

I Didn't Give Up

My "Woo Hoo" is simply that I didn't give up during a plateau. In the past, during my many weight loss attempts, I would reach a plateau, start feeling sorry for myself--and give up. This cycle occurred so often that I had nearly convinced myself that I COULDN'T lose weight. My mother died of obesity related issues and I began to think I was genetically programmed to follow her path. But then I came across Spark People and decided to give it one more try.

It seemed almost too good to be true. A website to help people get healthy that didn't charge for it? I signed on and began seeing results fairly quickly. I had normal ups and downs. But 5 months in I hit a real plateau--or so I thought. My weight bounced up and down 4 lbs for 4 weeks. As in the past, I started thinking maybe I can't do this. But I didn't give up, and I credit this to SparkCoach. Spark People's holistic approach is unique in my experience in that it addresses the negative cognitions that contribute to poor health habits at the same time it teaches you how to develop healthy mental and physical habits. I probably spend more time in the motivation section than any other because this is my Achilles heel. And it worked. I hung in there.

Gradually I stopped feeling sorry for myself and began reviewing my food diaries. I saw where I had slacked off journaling and had not been eating as many fruits and veggies even though I was increasing exercise. I made some minor dietary adjustments and the scale began moving again. I also need to add that during this plateau my clothes were getting baggier and my energy level was increasing. My hubby told me, "Your body is changing."

Weight issues are not only about the foods we put in our mouths, they are about the thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves. By addressing these and encouraging us to set small, concrete and measureable goals SparkPeople helps us create a recipe for success to replace our old recipes for failure.

Thanks SparkPeople! Happy Sparking, Everyone!

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