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  Week of 3/5/2009 - Featured Board Post

The Price is Right!

This morning I awoke very lethargic and tired. My three year old grandson is visiting this week and of course his parents are night owls, so he sleeps in the day and wants to talk and watch cartoons at night. So much for our peaceful co-existence! Anyway, after he finally went to sleep, I did too, but it was at 2:43am- only to wake up for 6:00 am prayer!

I was set to go back to sleep and start my day around noon, but I turned on my computer. My homepage is my SparkPeople, and I immediately began to perk up in anticipation! So as tired as I was, I still logged in. Then I could hear in my mind, "Rhonda Lewis, you have just been selected as the next contestant on the Price Is Right.... come on down". There I was so excited about how many POINTS would I get today when I spinned the wheel. I pushed the button, the wheel began to turn and turn and turn.... and WOW then it stopped - 10 points.

I couldn't sleep now if I tried. I am going to complete EVERYTHING that I can to earn SparkPoints! Because today.... the Price is Right!

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