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  Week of 9/20/2012 - Featured Board Post

Sticking to My Fast Break Goals!

Its day seven for me of sticking to my Fast Break goals! It's the first time I've done this properly. Im setting small goals, meeting them and preparing myself for a lifetime of healthy habits, instead of undertaking "perfect" eating, huge fitness challenges, and quitting when I can't keep up with such overwhelming changes.

It hasn't been perfect. I have slipped up on some of my smaller goals, but I've successfully:

Drank a huge glass of water every morning for 7 days, which is crucial to me working out efficiently
Worked out at least 10 minutes each day this week
Kept my surroundings clean, organized, and manageable which keeps my stress and stress-eating habits away
Posted my goals every single day in my planner and met them!

I feel good. And stronger. And now it's time for me to go work out.

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