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  Week of 8/30/2012 - Featured Board Post

I Love This Community!

As you can tell, I do not post much. I used to post on several forums when I was younger, but gradually withdrew because of trolls and hateful people. But this community is much different. I've never seen any flaming or hurtful comments. It's a rare find.

I made a very lengthy post a few days ago that I thought most people would skip over. To my surprise, not only did people respond - they responded very thoroughly! They gave me tons of helpful information and encouragement.

One person even sent me several messages that helped me pinpoint what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. I looked at the timestamps on the messages, and thirty minutes had elapsed between the first message and the last. This person spent thirty minutes of their time sending me information and helping me, a total stranger. That's half an hour she could have been cooking, exercising, watching TV, reading a book or doing anything, yet she spent the time helping me. I think that's amazing.

It moves me that all of you spend so much time helping complete strangers. All of you want the same thing for everyone here: to be healthy and happy. Every single time you post words of comfort, advice, or praise, you create a ripple, that ripple becomes a wave, and you have no idea how far that wave can go.

It's easy to support a cause by donating a dollar, or clicking "like", or visiting a web page. Genuine charity is when you donate your time. Your time is so very precious, so very limited. To everyone that's ever posted in the SparkPeople Community: you're one of the good guys. Thank you so much.

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