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  Week of 8/16/2012 - Featured Post

Inspiring Others to Change
Spreading the Spark!

* This comment was posted on SparkPeople’s Facebook fan page after she watched the Today Show story featuring one of our members.

I saw Angela. I heard them say SparkPeople.com and went. I couldn’t believe all you offer and offer for free. Someone wants to help with real tools and not make a dime off me? I signed up and was immediately impressed.

Today I started recording what I eat.

Today I picked three things I will do for the next three weeks.

Today I worked out (in the chair) for the first time in over a decade.

Today I watched a motivational success video as one of the three things I agreed I would do each week --- and I can't seem to stop crying. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't believe it. But the gentleman's video shows his progress so I know it’s real--not some photoshop trick.

Maybe today is the first day I get back on track.

Maybe in a year I’ll have a success video that makes someone cry, makes someone believe it might really be possible to get a life lost--back.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to do what I did today.

Click here to watch the story that inspired this person to begin her healthy lifestyle journey! ›

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