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  Week of 10/23/2008 - Featured Board Post

My advice for new members

I have no motivation from anyone. This is the best benefit of SparkPeople... it a site FULL of motivation... all you have to do is reach out to it and it will give back to you. This is one of the few places you will ever be in life where everyone here knows what you're going though and what you're dealing with. The more you reach out to others, the more that will come back to yourself.

Face the truth.

I strongly recommend you take a picture of yourself as you are now. "Ewww... No..."... Nothing like a dose of reality to slap you in the face... but as you start to make progress and you start to see change it will be come more and more of a motivator to you. My "fat" picture is right up on my SparkPage and I look at it every day... "NEVER AGAIN"

Weigh yourself for your starting weight... then take that scale and put it in the bottom of the closet and bury it under the kids toys. Don't take it out again for AT LEAST 90 days. The scale is NOT your friend, especially in the beginning. In the beginning the only thing you need to feel in yourself is the fact that your energy level is starting to grow and your cloths are starting to fit better. I did not loose a single pound for the first 2 months that I was exercising... but I went down 3 inches in my waist... Toss the Scale OUT. It means nothing right now. Focus on the positive.

Be honest with yourself.

It's not going to go away overnight. It took you a long time to put the weight on. It's going to take a while for it to come off. The best thing to do is just worry about today. Each day we are faced with choices. We can make good choices or bad choices... and the choice is ours... You can always pick... Do you want the apples or the Twinkies? Use every day to make the best choices you can and the pounds will take care of themselves in their own time.

Be Active here.

Do not be afraid to ask questions of the Community here. Every one of us is in the same boat here. We are all either there with you... or have been. Be active on the Message Boards or SparkTeams with people who have similar interests as you. People with similar interests can help to motivate you. There are 1000's of articles... READ... you're a teacher... educate yourself here... there is so much good free info on this site... you can dig around here for a few years and not read half of it.

A word of warning: collecting SparkPoints here gets to be an addictive game... you'll get close to your next trophy and you start looking around for things to do to make those last few points...

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