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  Week of 7/26/2012 - Featured Blog Post

All I Can Say is Wow!

All I can say is WOW! I cannot believe the results I am already experiencing since coming on board with SparkPeople!

I have lost an additional 3 pounds this month and I still have two days in the month to go. I'd like to believe that I have more pounds lost by that time but we'll see!

In addition to the weight loss, I have made so many wonderful friends and buds, have been able to help where it's needed as they have me, and I have become myself again.

I have not been myself for a long, long time. I've known this but couldn't bring myself to trying to change for the better. SP has made it sooooooo easy for me to start with no stress or strain involved. There was no way that I couldn't give it a try here.

I instantly held myself accountable and proclaimed it to the first few teams I became involved with. They were so supportive and kept me on the straight and narrow that even being held accountable was easier than I have ever encountered elsewhere. I am overjoyed with SP and with how they truly are an answer to many, many of us that are seeking to be better selves.

If you haven't started yet or are concerned about whether this will work for you .... take it from me ..... from someone that gave up a long time ago to try to be a better me ...... SP seems to do the impossible. All you need to do is to TRY IT! Give it an honest try and you will not be disappointed with your results. All I can say besides that is just remember one word as you start out ...... CONSISTENCY!!!! That's what it's all about. Not long, grudging workouts but small steps, small amounts of time but over a daily and consistent effort.

Write me if you can prove me wrong.

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