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  Week of 7/5/2012 - Featured Blog Post

School of Spark

Now that I have been a member of SparkPeople for over 100 days, I've decided that I need to go over what I have learned. How the things I have learned have changed me for the better.

1. I can measure my success by more than just my weight loss on a scale. There is such a thing as NSV, non-scale victories.
2. There is more than just long term goals. Making short and medium term goals help in making my journey successful.
3. Eating less is not always better. I eat more now of fruits and veggies and feel better.
4. It's OK to have "Oops Days". If I have a candy bar, or milkshake, it's OK as long as I learn from it and control my intake.
5. Some movement is better than no movement. Doing 10 minutes a day of exercises, helps in building your metabolism.
6. Slower is better. Slowly increase and slowly decrease has more of a lasting effect.
7. Helping others makes you feel better, which in turn, helps you.
8. Making goals are dreams with a deadline.
9. One step back, two steps forward, keeps you moving ahead.
10. SparkFriends are the greatest tool for motivation and support.

I have learned a lot more, but this is just ten of the most important ones. With these and the many others I know I will accomplish the goals I have set.

Keep Smiling!

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