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  Week of 6/28/2012 - Featured Board Post

It Can Be Forever!

Yesterday I had a bad food day. I had a naughty lunch in hopes of having a nice dinner - but then I got asked out on a date with a guy I just can't say no to. I really love spending time with him and I hardly ever get to. So I went over my calories yesterday, badly. Especially because he ordered dessert - I could have done without it - I didn't even enjoy it that much - but I wanted that extra time with him dang it.

I was so worried about this morning. I was afraid that I would be done - craving every fast food in sight. I'm not!! In fact, the burger I had for my naughty lunch yesterday made me feel gross. I didn't get sick, but my body was NOT happy about it. I am so happy that this can be forever - even after a bad day!

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