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  Week of 5/10/2012 - Featured Board Post

The Magic of the 220ís

I lost 1.4 lbs this week and I'm back in the 220's. That sounds like a weird reason to be happy, but when I first hit 220 on the way up, I was so depressed. I put a cap on my weight not to go over the 220's, but I did by almost 20 lbs. That was the final straw so when I get out of the 220's (and I'm going to beat the number down) I'm really going to be doing the happy dance.

Ooo also, I have found a hip bone. Seriously I forgot I had those. I am really happy right now. My only hope is that I can continue implementing the changes I've made for myself. This weight loss thing really is a mental challenge for me more than a physical. I've been fighting myself for years going on diet after diet. This time I am NOT on a diet. I'm taking it one day, one week, one pound at a time.

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