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  Week of 5/3/2012 - Featured Blog Post

I Am Worth It Because…..

I had a really great first week of exercise and healthy eating. I was so very proud of myself but then I completely sabotaged myself like I always do. This last week has been hard and I gave up on myself and started making the same old excuses. I have not exercised at all this week and I have eaten horribly. I do not want to keep doing this. Yes, I have some major obstacles to overcome in my personal life to get back on track but I really don’t want them to hold me back. I joined the healthy living challenge so that it would push me to work harder and become more dedicated. I logged into SparkPeople and went to the exercise minutes log and I saw how many minutes everyone was logging. I saw most people were logging over an hour and some were over two hours. I became very overwhelmed and instantly felt that my thirty minutes of really hard (for me) exercise wasn’t good enough. It made me feel defeated before I had even really begun. I felt that I didn’t stand a chance against everyone else. That was very hard for me to admit. I don’t usually put myself out there for the world to see or judge. I was going to just completely give up when I received a SparkPeople notification that someone wanted to be my friend. So I thought about it and decided to see if it was too late to get back into the challenge. I went to the requirements page and saw the mental challenge for the first week and it was exactly what I needed. I needed to remind myself that I am worth it. So with all of that being said:

1. I am worth it because I deserve to feel healthy.
2. I am worth it because I deserve to feel pretty.
3. I am worth it because I deserve to not feel embarrassed when I walk into a room.
4. I am worth it because I deserve to be surrounded by love and not negativity.
5. I am worth it because I have spent my whole life feeling bad about myself and I will no longer accept that.

I really want to thank whoever made this mental challenge for week 1 because this was exactly what I needed to get back in the game. I want to wish everyone good luck this week and I hope everyone will stay strong because we are all worth it!!

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