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  Week of 4/12/2012 - Featured Blog Post

The Key to My Success? My Posts With a Stranger.

Someday I will meet and hug this original friend, my first real SparkFriend. We are still on our journey together and she is still a most excellent friend to me. We have posted together now for 25 months and this is what I found myself writing today:

I have used this same thread since it began 2 years and 1 month ago. People come and people go but being here has been a great success for me. I began on SparkPeople after a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. I knew almost nothing about computers, and still know too little but I always know where to go for help from my SparkFriends.

I started with diabetes medications and this site about the same time, and now I have been off medications for over a year. I will always have diabetes but I have learned from SparkPeople articles and other diabetics on this site about how to best control it. I had high blood pressure too. Same thing. After being on blood pressure medications for years and enduring leg cramps as side effects, I have been off that medication too for almost a year. No more meds and no more leg cramps. I still have high triglycerides. I am taking a medication for this and hope to give that up soon. It is definitely lower and that is the only issue in my lipid profile.

I exercise daily. I use my Nutrition Tracker always and my life is good. My sleep has never been better. I sleep all night and wake up raring to go. Bottom line is I am 68 years YOUNG living in Maine.

Persistence is my key to getting it done no matter what! I am my own priority and I am worth the time and effort I put into this.

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