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  Week of 4/5/2012 - Featured Blog Post

A Little Thing Called Attitude

On the morning of Wednesday, February 29, 2012, I walked to work. Although this is becoming somewhat routine, it was different that morning. As I started my walk, I nearly started SKIPPING with EXCITEMENT!

What could possibly be that exciting about walking to work in February? I'm glad you asked! I knew as I started this walk that it would end with me completing my mileage goal for February. It was hard work to get to this point, but I made it! Each month, my mileage goal is a little bigger than the month before. February was the third month in a row that I met my goal! This means I am still on-target for my year-long goal of 1000 miles. What a rush! I was talking about it all day to anyone who would listen.

As I went about my day, several things went wrong, including spilling tea all over my desk and on my beautiful doily. It's funny though. None of these things bothered me at all. They were mildly disruptive for a few moments, but that is all. Late in the day, I realized several things had gone wrong without upsetting me in the least. Then I realized that my winning attitude -- prompted by reaching a stretch goal -- made all the difference.

We all know (because we hear it preached all the time) that "attitude determines altitude" and that "positive attitudes yield positive results." It just always feels good when we 'see' what we 'know' actually flesh itself out in real life. In addition to reminding me of the importance of my attitude, this incident also helped me again see the importance of setting and achieving goals, including mid-point goals we can celebrate along the way to our even bigger, long-term goals. Let's do it, Friends! Let's rock out our goals!

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