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  Week of 3/29/2012 - Featured Blog Post

It’s Time to Start Taking My Own Advice

During my time here at SparkPeople, I have given a lot of people advice. Most of that advice is stuff that other Spark people were kind enough to tell me when I first started out here and I have passed it on to others.

I have told people not to get discouraged when the scale isn’t budging.

I have told people to eat more fruits and veggies.

I have told people to measure their food… ALL of it!

I have told people to track their food… every single bite!

I have told people to drink their water.

I have told people that if they fail they can start over tomorrow, today, RIGHT NOW!!

I have told people to exercise… even if it’s just 10 minutes!

I have told people to go to the gym… even if they don’t want to go... ESPECIALLY if they don’t want to go!

I have told people that it might not be easy but that it’s worth it.

I have told people that THEY are worth it!

Now, I need to remind myself that *I* am worth it!

My spark has been dimming since… well, since Christmas if I’m being totally honest.

It started with a few chocolate chip cookies on Christmas Eve.

No big deal, right?

Then there was cherry pie on Christmas Day.

Still not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, right?

I was off of work for most of the month of December… and I slacked off big time starting with Christmas Eve!

I stopped measuring ALL of my food.

I stopped tracking ALL of my food.

I stopped drinking my water.

I stopped planning my meals and cooking ahead.

I stopped going to the gym faithfully.

In January, I struggled to get myself back on track.

Truthfully, I probably had more days when I was off track (for at least one meal/snack a day), than on track.

At the end of January I passed out at the gym… and scared the spark out of myself (and my boyfriend).

It had been 7 years since I’d had a "pass out" episode and I had NEVER had one during exercise before… that was kind of scary.

I was told not to exercise for 2 weeks until I could have a bunch of tests done to make sure I was ok.

That translated into eat whatever the spark you want!

I mean if I can’t exercise what’s the point in eating healthy, right?


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