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  Week of 3/22/2012 - Featured Board Post

Post Your Baby Steps!

Whether just getting started or restarted, recovering from an illness, injury or pregnancy, trying to overcome procrastination or hectic life, everyone needs to take baby steps from time to time. No more hiding in the shadows! Baby steps lead to giant steps eventually, so let's be proud as we get started! Even baby steppers need accountability and encouragement. Baby steps are better than no steps, so let's do it! Whether you want to post baby steps of fitness activity, nutritional goals, or anything to do with life in general; if you need a place to share your accomplishment, it's here!

Some of my baby step goals for today (yes, they're small):

-drink one bottle of water today
-do at least one SP strength training exercise set (and some stretching!) DONE!
-walk/run one mile
-clean out one crisper from the fridge
-earn 25 Spark Points! :-) DONE!
-use up any good strawberries that are left - and the chili - waste not, want not. DONE!
-verify credit card balances, pay off weekly $7 more than minimum "payment due" on one card for debt reduction DONE!

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