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  Week of 3/8/2012 - Featured Board Post

Not Stressed about Tomorrow’s Weigh-In

I weigh in every Saturday. Every week, I stress out leading up to Saturday. Will I lose? Did I work hard enough? Will the extra half serving of FroYo creep onto the scale? Is this all worth it?

This week...not happening! I KNOW I worked hard enough. I tracked EVERY DAY. I exceeded my target minutes by 10 and my target calories by 600! I did my strengthening as scheduled, and did the maximum of each exercise every time, instead of the minimum. I planned meals with my family and we ate at the table every night. If all of this doesn't add up to success on the scale, I'm not going to flip out about it. I know it will catch up to me next week, and knowing I did so much right is a reward in itself.

So...this week, I will take Coach Nancy’s advice and "Trust the process", which was some of the best advice I have received in my weight loss journey.

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