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  Week of 2/9/2012 - Featured Blog Post

SparkPeople Live eMeeting Saved Me

OK, I had a bad day yesterday. One of those days where if anything could go wrong, it did go wrong. I was feeling pretty bad about myself and the day. Exercise, which usually pumps me up into a better mood, didn't work for me yesterday. There was only one thing that ended up working - the Live eMeeting! I attend a meeting just about every week. It just so happened that I was signed up for one yesterday, during my bad day. I almost decided not to join, because I was feeling so bad. Then I decided that I'd just do it, and I didn't feel any better, or felt worse, I would leave the group.

I'm so glad that I stuck with it. The topic, about nutrition, was interesting, but that's not the best part. Being in a group with leaders that know me made all the difference. The only reason I know them is from being in their class, and then becoming their SparkFriends. I felt a connection that I was lacking yesterday. It gave me the boost I needed, and almost immediately put me in a better mood.

So thank you SparkPeople for having these great eMeetings. Thanks to Bobby and Anne (the leaders) for their help in getting me in a better mood. For those of you that haven't tried and eMeeting yet - what are you waiting for? They're a great addition to the website. Also, if you're like me and somewhat isolated from others, this is the perfect place to go for help so you feel like you're not alone!

Thanks again SparkPeople!!!

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