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  Week of 2/2/2012 - Featured Blog Post

You Are My Inspiration

Tonight I thought about my personal goals and I thought about each of You...

You are my inspiration: those who have succeeded (and started where I am now), those who are just starting to figure out if SparkPeople has something here that could help them, and those of you, like me, who are still finding our way down this newest path we are choosing for the rest of our lives. I am grateful to have found a supportive community like SparkPeople with people who can laugh, cry, but most of all, problem-solve with me. You may not even realize that you inspired me when I read one of your blogs where you were voicing a challenge I too face(d), or I read your words of inspiration to someone else and I was moved by your level of commitment /compassion, or perhaps I've tried one of your recipes - even if I modified it first...

I went for a walk this morning but only got in about 7,000 steps. So after dinner, I knew I still owed You something more. I've joined your Team goals and need to pull my weight here, too. So I got out and finished off my personal goal of 10k steps a day.

Good night SparkPeople... Thanks to each of you for inspiring me that I too can achieve my personal goals. You are all appreciated more than you know.

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