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  Week of 12/29/2011 - Featured Board Post


I just realized today that I am 2.4 pounds away from my halfway goal of 17 pounds. I am 5.4 pounds away from being in a healthy/normal BMI range again, where I was 20+ pounds overweight before starting.

For some reason these are strange realizations for me, mostly because it hasn't happened like I had expected it to. Last year, if you asked me how much I wanted to lose what I have so far, 15 pounds, I would have told you that I yearned for it SO, SO much. If I envisioned how it would happen, it would be in a dramatic way, requiring my full attention. I didn't have time for that. I didn't have the money. I had responsibilities, work, socializing to do. That would be too hard to lose weight.

And really, now that I start to reflect a bit on where I've come and where I'm going, it's been effortless. That is not to say that losing weight and becoming a healthier person has not required effort. But, rather, it's required no less energy than gaining weight had. It's the simple choice to go to the gym rather than watch TV. It's the simple choice to get a salad instead of a sub for lunch. It's the simple choice to track your food for the day in the 15 minutes that you would have been Facebooking or reading your horoscope. It's just a series of simply better choices.

And here I am just over two months into my sparking. There's no triumphant horns signifying my great achievements, no crowd of people saying "OMG you look great!", but there's something more profound. I'm simply doing it because it will be done. That's that, and it's really no big deal. I feel like that's a big Woo Hoo, no?

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