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  Week of 12/8/2011 - Featured SparkPeople Cookbook Success Story

SparkPeople Cookbook Success Story: I Now Enjoy My Life— and My Food!

I had my gallbladder out at 19, and the fatty, greasy foods I ate just killed my stomach, but they tasted good so I ate them anyway. When I started to cut back on the things that I knew irritated my stomach, I felt better. I had the energy to go for a walk, to go for a run, to get up and move.

Today I look for foods that taste good, that don’t hurt my stomach – and are healthy for me and can help me have the energy to live my life. I didn’t cook at all before SparkPeople, so cooking is definitely one of my tools to success. When I stopped eating so much processed junk, I started feeling a lot better.

I have learned to not just like, but love whole-wheat noodles, brown rice, and whole-wheat bread. I used to not eat a single whole grain. When I started swapping my usual food with whole-wheat versions, I found that they tasted so much better. And the texture is amazing, especially whole-wheat noodles.

When I first started learning about weight loss, I reached for fat-free, artificially sweetened “diet” foods. The more I learned about eating right, the more I started reading labels. One day, I flipped over my “light” yogurt and thought, I’ve read books that are shorter than this. That’s not a good sign. Now I eat 2% Greek yogurt. It may be 130 calories compared with 80, but it’s way creamier, it tastes better, and it doesn’t have any junk.

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(Amber before and after losing 96 lbs.)

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