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  Week of 1/5/2012 - Featured Board Post

Celebrating Being Happy and Healthy!

Two months ago I took the first step in changing my life. I recognized I needed to change. I was unhappy with myself, especially the way I looked and felt plus I knew my health was suffering because of my self-neglect and unhealthy habits.

Fast track two months later and this is what I have learned:

1. Take it one day at a time, one step at a time. Keep in mind the overall picture but focus on the small goals, the mini-ones that breakdown the big ones. With this in mind, I take it day by day, and know what I want to accomplish each week and each month. For example, before I would think about all the weight I needed to lose but now I focus on losing the next pound. I use to think about everything I needed to give up but I have learned I can have a piece of chocolate but I don't need to eat the whole box. Portion control and moderation is the key.

2. Before I would beat myself up about gaining so much weight. I would constantly bash myself by saying “How could I have let myself get so big when 5 years ago I was at a healthy weight of 150 lbs?” Now I draw on those times as inspiration. I know what it feels like to be healthy and happy and adventurous and positive and absolutely amazing!!! Channeling that inner self makes me move, eat healthy, and feel awesome!!! One of my SparkFriends privately wrote me and told me that I was lucky...She said that I know what it feels like to feel and be healthy. And I think that she is right.

3. I am stronger and more determined than I ever thought I was. With each passing day, I actually surprise myself when I exercise longer than planned and it amazes me that exercising has become easier even though I work harder with each passing day. I also have the willpower to say no to unhealthy food and I am enjoying healthy food again. Berry Sorbet (with hardly any sugar) and fruit smoothies have become my daily treats.

4. I don't need to be 150 pounds to enjoy life; I can live life and embrace it right now. For the past year or two, I constantly said “If I ever lose the weight, I will......” That train of thought has vanished. I am planning and enjoying adventures now. My husband and I enjoy more time with friends now and we do something fun every weekend. It is so much fun going on a mini-adventure every weekend and exploring new places. It is the best reward for me after a successful week.

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