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  Week of 12/1/2011 - Featured Board Post

Mondays Get Me Through the Weekend

When I started this weight loss journey I dreaded the weekend. I knew from the past the bad weekend habits I had developed over the years. Weekends meant pizza, fried chicken, nachos, dinners out, maybe a really high calorie Sunday breakfast, and on and on. Then I wondered how I gained? How blind we can be. It was like I told myself I had eaten pretty decently all week, so come Saturday morning all the stops were out. This was especially true when I was still a working gal. It was as though I was treating myself for a hard week.

In the past, Monday morning weigh-ins were agony. I would be at my highest weight, and would once again vow to watch what I ate and try to get a handle on the rising scale. I would make it --- till the weekend--- then I would replay--again, and again-- week after week.

Now when the weekend comes, I have a better handle on it. It did not come easily, and whenever I slipped badly, it was always on the weekend. But now I look towards Monday mornings for my inspiration to get through the weekends. I remember the pain of seeing those higher numbers Monday morning. I focus on that, and build it up in my mind. Now I look forward to seeing good numbers Monday morning. I desire them, and I expect them, and by doing so I do not fall back into my old habits. I am developing new habits that revolve around fun things that have nothing to do with food. I have discovered new foods that I really like, foods that are good for me and for my husband. So I whip up our favorites when weekend comes. I no longer stock any of the stuff I found so hard to resist---no pizzas, no candy, no baked goods of any kind.

Mondays make me happy now. Some Mondays there is no change on the scale, but I consider that a victory!! And pretty soon the great feeling of those victories is much more desirable than the short-lived feeling of stuffing myself on the weekend.

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