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  Week of 11/10/2011 - Featured Blog Post

First Cartwheel Since -50lbs!

Spark Guy ~ Thank you! This has been the best 35 weeks of my life. I've remembered what it was to live life victoriously again. I reached my goal just this morning. Thank you!!!

When I first joined SparkPeople a picture that motivated me was one of a fellow Sparker holding a 50lb bag of dog food in the store. She had blogged about how much it had weighed and how heavy it was even to pick up for the picture and how she was NEVER going to do that to herself again. I said to myself if I ever made my 50lb loss then I would do the same picture to remind myself.

The cartwheel was because I saw a Sparker do a cartwheel on video when his SparkFriend reached their goal. I love cartwheels. I said to myself if I ever made my goal I would vlog my first cartwheel after losing the weight (no matter how unrefined!) because I wanted to do them again, and let's face it, it's a CARTWHEEL!!!!!! Self-High-Five!

Click here to watch the video and join in the fun of cheering on this member!

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