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  Week of 10/20/2011 - Featured Board Post

Completed My First Marathon!

I started my journey at 385 pounds. Somehow, during my weight loss experience, I developed a love for running. As the pounds came off, I started challenging myself to go farther. Every time I did, there was such a feeling of accomplishment and validation that it pushed me to keep going. My first big accomplishment was that I ran 200 yards without stopping. Then the next big one was going one mile, then it was 3, then 5.

At 330lbs, I decided to run my first event ever, a 10K. I finished dead last and there was never a more proud moment in my life. The finishers ribbon became a sacred symbol of courage. Two Half Marathons and 50 pounds later, I carried that same sacred ribbon to the starting line of my first marathon. It just dawned on me that it has been almost exactly 1 year and 10 months to the day I ran my first race. To go from that to the marathon in such a short amount of time was amazing but through the support I got from my friends at SparkPeople and the love of a big challenge, I finished 26.2 miles.

Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement. This was a big event for me.

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