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  Week of 10/13/2011 - Featured Blog Post

I Climbed the Monkey Bars Today! WoooHaw!

"Hi Everyone! I love this short post! It's such a vivid example of really living your life instead of just paying attention to the number on the scale. Also, just imagine what this will do for the children of the world if we have millions of Moms, Dads, and Grandparents getting healthy and being more active with the children in the family. I love when my boys copy my exercise. We can all do this by working together. SparkCheers!" -- SparkGuy

Yep, I am 54 and fat, but I am getting fit enough to climb the monkey bars with my 2 year old grandson! I may have looked more like a baboon than a monkey swinging on those bars but my grandson loved it!

Two months ago I would have been sitting on the sidelines just watching him play. But today I was all over that park with him. And...this was AFTER I rode my bike for the first time in several years 6 miles pulling 2 chunky toddlers in the trailer! In these past two months I have gotten stronger and have more stamina than I can remember having in a long time.

But get this...my scale lied to me and told me I was not doing so great. It said I gained 3 pounds and tried to make me think I was a failure. Well I sure proved that scale wrong today didn't I? Besides my clothes fit looser today than they did last week. That scale was just trying to get me to give up. But I am NOT EVER GOING TO GIVE UP OR QUIT GETTING AND BEING HEALTHY!

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