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  Week of 10/6/2011 - Featured SparkPeople Cookbook Success Story

SparkPeople Cookbook Success Story: A Family Gets Fit Together

By Stephanie Crane

For me, a focus on nutrition and diet has been the single most important element to my weight-loss success. My zeal for exercise in any given week varies a great deal, but Iíve been able to eat well consistently for over a year thanks to my newly developed knowledge of cooking and nutrition. Itís been vital to look at food in a new wayónot as entertainment or happiness or therapy, but as fuel for my body. Itís also been crucial to look at cooking in a new wayónot as a hassle or a chore, but as a creative outlet.

And after a year of eating healthy, I think my taste buds had grown immune to fatty foods. In the past, the more sugary, salty, greasy food I ate, the more I craved. Pizza could never have enough cheese. Subs could never have enough mayo. Bread could never have enough garlic butter. Itís incredible how you can reverse course by making small, consistent changes: the more good stuff I ate, the better it tasted (and the worse the cheese, mayo, and butter tasted). I never liked fish, but now salmon and haddock are staples in our diet. I used to be addicted to soda, but now it seems nauseatingly sweet. Green vegetables actually taste good on their own; they donít need to be drenched in butter and coated with salt. I think itís more than just getting used to ďdietĒ food; itís allowing our bodies to appreciate the natural goodness of wholesome food without being overwhelmed and overshadowed by salt, sugar, and fat.

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