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  Week of 9/29/2011 - Featured Board Post

So This is What Commitment Feels Like?

Today it has been 6 days that I haven't smoked and 1 week that I have committed to the Power 90 jump start program called 6 day fat burner express. I did the workout each day last week and ate the suggested foods and actually lost 4 lbs!! Who knew? Who knew that sticking to your goals would actually give you results? I can't believe it! LOL! Today will be day 1 of the Power 90 workouts so I'm excited to see how it goes.

After months and months of teeter - tottering it FINALLY has clicked in my head!!! I truly feel the excitement of being committed to the journey. I realized that signing on to spark each day doesn't make me lose weight, exercising makes me lose weight, eating healthier makes me drop pounds and
drinking my water for the day will help me get to where I need to be. SparkPeople is indeed a VERY important part, however logging on alone is not going to make me healthier unless I take action!

Too many times I have tried and failed, and tried again and failed, only to lose a pound here or there and gain it back but this time....this time it's different. I'm more determined than ever to be successful with this.

In the past week I've realized that I actually LIKE sweating like a little piggy when working out! I realize it's a whole lot easier to pack my lunch and snacks for the day the night before and it actually saves me $, time and most important CALORIES. These simple things that I never thought twice about are now the things that after just a week I've realized I love and need to do on a daily basis. These simple things are the things that have helped me beat the nasty nicotine cravings I've been fighting!!

All in all, it was an extremely successful week and I'm looking forward to the next. If this is what commitment is, count me in! C'mon Spark friends come join me!!!!

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