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  Week of 9/15/2011 - Featured Blog Post

Wake up the fighter in YOU!

Everyone has their own set of struggles…
It’s what you do with those struggles that can make or break you!

I choose to be a fighter and make it!

For all of us … “our fight” will be uniquely ours.
Some may need to battle with a few unwanted pounds;
Others struggle with a lot of unwanted pounds…
Sometimes it is our personal family issues or as in my case…my health.

I am just starting out on this breast cancer battle but feel like I have already won.
Yes, I still need to start chemo and will need additional extensive surgeries but, my victory was in my spirit and the way I choose to fight this head on.
Yes…cancer I’m talking to you and look out… because I plan on stomping out every last cell of you!

We all need to wake up the inner fighter inside each of us!
Whatever our struggle may be…that inner warrior IS inside everyone and I plan on letting mine kick some cancer butt!

Will it be easy? No way!
Will it be fun? Not at all!
Will I get through this? Damn straight!
Will I come out on the other side stronger? Yep!

I’m a very easy going person and historically would just agree with physicians and do whatever they say is best. This cancer has really woken up this crazy fighter with a bit of an attitude (haha) and I NOW find myself questioning and countering my docs. I am a very informed, educated patient and will fight for myself to get the BEST outcome with this!

I have the most incredible support system of family, friends, neighbors, faith and of course spark friends! I feel so surrounded with love, support and prayers and with that personal “army”…

I’m ready for battle!!

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