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  Week of 9/1/2011 - Featured Board Post

Still Can't Believe It!

I am amazed that for the first time in my whole life, I have managed to stick with a healthy lifestyle. The internal fighting (most of the battles involve myself and a cupcake) has mostly diminished and I have gone from working really really hard to change my mindset to not really having to think about it. Every day this lifestyle feels more natural to me. Every time it occurs to me that this is getting smoother (never actually easy, but smoother) I sort if shake my head, and sometimes get a little teary. I am so happy that I have come this far! Today two clients cancelled in a row, leaving me with a four hour break downtown. Normally I would "treat" myself with a good book, and good food, full of calories. Today was a good book, and good food, but it was tea and a green salad with grilled shrimp! My, how times have changed.

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