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  Week of 8/18/2011 - Featured Board Post

It's Starting to Make Sense

I got serious about weight loss in January 2009. No more crash diets, no more pills. No more losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks and falling off the wagon. I lost 36 pounds in 5 months and I felt great. I'd always been able to lose weight quickly, it was sticking with it that was hard. However, we moved to a new city and I got off track.

January 2011, I wasn't able to get back on track. We had moved (again) and now I was commuting an hour every day to and from work. It left me exhausted. When I got home, I didn't have the energy to take care of myself. By the time I got a job transfer closer to home, I was back up to where I was in Jan 2010, but determined to get back on track.

Since June 1st, I've lost 8 pounds. I go off the plan every now and again, but that's nothing new. I've always given myself a few cheat cards so I can have my Chinese food or movie theater popcorn in moderation. Aside from my once a week deviation, I stick to my plan. But the weight is coming off slowly and I think I know why.

I've always refused to exercise. I might do it for two weeks, but then I quit. My first big round of weight loss, the pounds just dropped off, but I think I didn't just lose fat. Based on everything I'm reading, I think I lost a lot of muscle, too. Despite being slimmer than I was at my highest weight, I also feel considerably weaker than I ever have.

This time, I'm biking, I'm doing cardio-kick boxing, and cardio sculpting. But it's an uphill battle. Trying to get back the muscle I've lost is hard. The scale doesn't want to budge. The first month I exercised, it was a stretch to work out twice a week. I was in absolute agony. After two months, I'm up to 4 times a week, doing more intense workouts. But it's hard. I know that eventually, the scale will show it, though and it will pay off. Trading losing 3-5 pounds a week for losing 1-2 will benefit me more in the end when I build my muscle back up.

I guess the reason I'm babbling on about this is that I really did know better. I've been warned 1,000 times about taking it slow on weight loss, but I've always wanted the quickest solution. Some of the more questionable diet plans out there will tell you that quick results are necessary to keep you motivated. But my quick results have damaged my body. In the long run, things are far more difficult now because of it.

The moral of this story: Exercise! Take it slow! You can lose a lot of muscle! You will be better off in the end!

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