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  Week of 8/4/2011 - Featured Blog Post

40 Things I Have Learned While Losing 40 Pounds

I have officially lost 40 pounds! Seven and a half months ago I wouldn’t have thought this was possible. There are so many things that I have learned so far on my journey, here are my top 40……..

1) Fruits and Vegetables don’t taste so bad. I actually enjoy them now; I can make a killer salad, a fruit parfait, and so much more.

2) Processed Foods are not filling. In the beginning of my journey in early January I couldn’t understand why I was always so hungry, I then analyzed what I was eating, and it wasn’t a lot. I was eating processed foods, which are higher in calories and don’t fill me up.

3) I am frugal with my calories. I now treat my calories like a personal bank. I only have so many calories to spend a day and I want to get the most food for my calorie buck. Going back to #1, I can have Greek yogurt with strawberries and raspberries for the same amount of calories as a granola bar, but be way more satisfied and have more food.

4) 4-5 Small meals a day is better than 3 large meals a day. Eating more often keeps me full and keeps me from thinking about how much longer I have until my next meal.

5) Preparation is the key to success. I am such a busy person that I have to be prepared for each day that comes my way. Weather I have to work, go to school, have some appt, or something else to do in one day, I know how to be prepared. Making meals to take on the road, planning time for exercise, knowing my schedule all helps me a lot.

6) There is no magic pill. The hundreds upon hundreds of diet pills, supplements or mysterious drink are all BS! There is no magic cure to being fat. The Real Cure = EAT RIGHT AND EXERCISE (it blows peoples mind when they ask me how I have lost weight, and I just say eating right and staying active)

7) Having no time is not an excuse. I used this way too much in the past before as an excuse to not eat right or exercise. I have learned that no matter how busy I am I can always make healthy decisions. If I don’t have time to work out today, I know I have planned to work out tomorrow.

8) Short Term Goals = Success. Before, I would always look at the big picture and it would be so discouraging knowing how far I had to go. Now, I make small goals that I can achieve in a smaller period of time. A lot of small 5 pound goals add up really quick.

9) I learned to not be so judgmental. I used to look at a person bigger at me at the gym and wonder why the heck they were there, but know If I see a larger person at the gym I think “good for them, I am glad they are changing their lives.”

10) I don’t have to be perfect. I used to have an “all or nothing” attitude. If I messed up a little one day I would just think “screw it, my day is ruined”, then that would turn into a ruined week, it was an ongoing vicious cycle. I expected perfection from myself, and it backfired. No one is perfect; I just try to do the best I can.

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