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  Week of 7/21/2011 - Featured Board Post

Don't Wait Until All is Perfect Before Trying

One lesson that I have been learning all along my journey is don't wait until you reach some milestone before you allow yourself to live. What I mean by that is don't wait until some magic moment before you work toward a goal or enjoy an activity etc...

For me:

- I didn't wait until all was perfect before I started running. I trained in all of my fluffy imperfection until I made it happen. Because of that I am looking forward to my first marathon in September.
- I didn't wait until I had the perfect body before studying to become a certified personal trainer. I wanted the knowledge for ME, but then would let my results speak for themselves in the future.
-I didn't wait until I hit some goal weight before buying a mountain bike. When I started riding I looked just like I felt, a big squishy guy with love handles galore hunkered over a bike that looked like it was straining under him.

That day I got my bike, i pushed out 10 miles my first time on it- almost got sick in the process and it took me 1.5 hours to do it. Fast forward to yesterday. I celebrated a whole new level of fitness by pushing out 61 miles in 5 hrs and 13 minutes.

If you had told me I would be doing this kind of stuff 3 years ago, I would have never believed it. It was hard to believe that I was a capable man when I was 385 lbs but I believe it now. It took a lot of commitment, consistency, and a willingness to let my nose get bloodied in the process, but I am here and fighting the good fight. I still have another 70+ lbs to lose before I would even consider myself remotely competitive or capable of an extreme endurance event but until then.....

Bumblebees aren't supposed to fly... but then again, I don't listen to the experts... I just spread my wings and keep trying.... so should you.

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