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  Week of 7/7/2011 - Featured Blog Post

Cycling While Crying

Tonight I went to a cycling class, not knowing it was an advanced class. About 15 minutes into it, my entire shirt was wet from sweat!

I've participated in cycling classes before, and even though they were hard, they were absolutely nothing compared to this one. The room was dark, people were scattered all over the floor on their bikes, and the music was pumping in the background.

40 minutes into the class, we were pedaling as fast as we can, up for 3 seconds and down for 3 seconds. I felt every single muscle in my legs burn as if they were about to tear. The instructor kept saying "You can do this! Do it for yourself!" I repeated to myself over and over as I continued to give it my all.

Just as I thought we were finished, she said turn the resistance to 6 and pedal as fast as your body can possibly go for a whole minute. A minute is not a long time, but that minute felt like a day. She blasted the music even louder and we started our minute. 10 seconds into the pedaling, I started sobbing. So many thoughts rushed through my head. I thought to myself, "I can't believe I'm doing this! I can't believe Sara is actually doing this!" My legs were on fire, my butt was sore, and sweat even got into my eyes, which started burning. I did not care. I continued to cry and push myself.

Tonight, that minute, was the proudest minute of my entire life! I went beyond my pain and beyond that stupid thought that always tells you to quit. I conquered something I didn't even know was possible for me to do. I ran track in high-school and never, EVER came close to what I experienced tonight.

I will never again quit or give up! From now on, for the rest of my life to come, I am going to think of that moment and just keep pushing.

I feel AMAZING! To know that you overcame something you never thought was possible, feels great! I truly wish and hope that everyone can experience this feeling. It will change your world!

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