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  Week of 6/16/2011 - Featured Board Post

Overcoming My Obstacles

So here I am almost 42 years old, starting over with my own personal health goals. For the last 3 1/2 years, I gave up my fitness goals to care for my young disabled husband who was once very fit but now is in a wheelchair with many complications. I myself have had severe neurological problems - but I choose not to go to seek conventional medical treatment and in the past always cared very well for myself, naturally.

After I gained all this weight over the last 3 1/2 years topping off at 288 pounds, I realized that if this went on much longer I would not only be in big trouble and need a caregiver myself but who would care for my husband if I could no longer do it? So I joined SparkPeople, and started on my journey to regain my health.

I failed to tell you we now live in a RV full-time as we are now on such a tiny budget. I really wanted to join a gym but who would take care of my husband? How would I accomplish this mission? Well here is what I did!

My husband has to sleep in a recliner so he is actually in the "living room/kitchen" and I have the small bedroom to myself. My workout area is a mere 3' x 7' between the bed and the counter/drawers and upper cabinets. Not much to work with. I got out the Wii Fit Plus and Biggest Loser Games and got started. I get a lot done in such a small space and have never missed one night's workout! I have to work out right before bed because this is my only "me" time after he is asleep. Even though he has 11 doctors and just had his second surgery this year (and a few ER visits), I just won't let myself have an excuse - no matter what. I am so happy I am making these changes.

Life will pass you by quickly my friends. Don't wait....please don't wait. You are worth it.

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