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  Week of 3/31/2011 - Featured Board Post

I Had to Weigh Myself Twice!

I was stuck at 223 all through February. I've gone til now without really weighing myself. I got on... saw the number... got off... looked under the scale to see if the kids had left a toy under it... put the scale back down, got on again... and saw the same number! 219!!!! I'm losing again!

So it turns out I wasn't eating enough. I was eating in my minimum range to lose "2 pounds per week" but it turns out I need to eat at the "1 pound per week" range to lose 2 pounds per week (and all my info is correct on here including how much I work out... so it's just how my body is, I guess.)

Also my last four workouts (3 Zumba and a run) I exerted myself to the point where I wasn't just sweating... I was like a sweat fountain... and I didn't feel bad afterwards! I LOVE progress!

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