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  Week of 3/3/2011 - Featured Blog Post

What May Have Saved My Life

Let me start off by saying I'm going to be okay and I've been cleared to start training.

I've been having some issues so my doctor sent me in for an EKG. It is known that I have a heart murmur and the doctor is concerned it could be starting to progress into an arrhythmia. He's most concerned with it because I "bottomed out", having a low HR episode instead of increased palpitations like most people. The thing he's concerned about is this type of "bottom out" episode usually happens to people in their mid 50's and older.
He asked how my mother died. I told him she was visiting my aunt, stood up and said "I feel funny." and dropped dead. He thinks she had one of these episodes, and based on the fact that she was overweight, drank and smoked is why she died. He said if this had happened to me a year ago, all chances are likely I would've wound up like my mother. He said the fact that I've lost the weight and I'm exercising has helped build endurance as well as push my body to know its limits. He said everything I've done has very much saved my life. So while I realize I have to potential to die like my mother, she is only half my genetics. I can do this. I can fight this.

With this all said, I sit here in absolute humility. I feel like I have been given a moment of grace. I still need to have a serious crying jag to relieve the stress of it all and let it soak in some more, but I'm good. I know what's going on. I know how to tackle this. I'm gonna be okay. Sweet irony of it all.. February is National Healthy Heart Month. Glad mine is going to be okay.

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