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  Week of 2/24/2011 - Featured Blog Post

I Read The Spark

Finding SparkPeople.com was like having a door opened to me; reading The Spark was like throwing open the windows and letting fresh air in! Profound revelation: it's not about weight loss at all! It's about setting goals and reaching them. It's about power and confidence; lifting people up, and reaching for the stars! It's about living life to its fullest, no matter what circumstances exist in the beginning! Chris Downie discovered the secret and shared with the world! (Thanks, dude.)

I am excited! Eleven months after accidentally stumbling upon SparkPeople.com, while searching for forms to track my diabetic diet and exercise plan, it's finally sinking in: no diet. Eat. Exercise. Be strong and healthy and happy. Cheer other people on. Follow the yellow brick road and everything will simply be as it was meant to be. It's not even hard to do. Amazing! I feel empowered! This is great! THANK YOU!!!!!

Ha! Watch me now!

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